Viettel claims a record 5G speed of 4.7Gbps in Vietnam

Viettel claims a record 5G speed of 4.7Gbps in Vietnam

Viettel, the largest telecommunications service provider in Vietnam, has reached speeds of over 4.7 Gbps over a 5G network it researched, tested, and established.

"This speed is 40 times higher than the 4G speed and more than two times the existing 5G speed, making Viettel one of the fastest 5G telecom networks in Asia," said the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

The telecommunications company headquartered in Hanoi used 5G ultra-short wave (mmWave) technology, and, together with Ericsson and Qualcomm, advanced E-Utra New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology to increase speed and extend 5G coverage, MIC stated.

"Viettel has been a pioneer in deploying 5G in Vietnam and the only network operator in the world with the capacity to research and develop 5G equipment," it said.

Dao Xuan Vu, CEO of Viettel Networks, said: "This breakthrough in speed helps increase the efficiency of Viettel's 5G network. We will continue to promote this technology strongly so that people, businesses, governments, and society could experience the distinct benefits of 5G in particular and 4.0 technology in general."

Denis Brunetti, President of Ericsson in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos, said: “The new milestone that we and Viettel have set in 5G testing using Ericsson's latest wireless device - Streetmacro on the mmWave band. This is an easy-to-install solution that promises to accelerate widespread 5G deployment in high-density urban areas with many preeminent features, ensuring the best user experience. The results of the trial confirm that Viettel's 5G infrastructure is ready to deliver outstanding 5G services and experiences, and promote the vision of digitising industries in Vietnam.”